Rag House Radio #3 Metal Babe Mayhem & Brooke Lewis

Rag House Radio #3 Metal Babe Mayhem & Brooke Lewis

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen, who is the founder of Metal Babe Mayhem, and actress Brooke Lewis “Scream Queen,” also with Chrissy from Cougrzz Rock as co-host. Podcast was Streamed live on Apr 19, 2017 on Kaoticradio.com!! Watch the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whNCLChdIkQ


Brooke Lewis is an award-winning Actress, Producer, Life Coach, TV Dating Expert, and Author of Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess. Most known for being a Hollywood ‘Scream Queen’ and her “alter ego” Ms. Vampy, she won the B Movie Golden Cob Award for Scream Queen Of The Year 2010. She was the sassy co-host of the unscripted show, Breaking Dating. Recently, Brooke has teamed up with Metal Babe Mayhem to launch their ‘Hot Mess’ and ‘Ms. Vampy’ T-shirt collection for fall of 2016.


Metal Babe Mayhem… Where Music And Fashion Meet. Alison Masson has worked in the music/fashion industry for close to twenty years, and established Metal Babe Mayhem in 2006 in an effort to share her combined passions with the world. Coining the name Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen for the journalism side, she has created a platform to assist up-and-coming musicians with additional exposure, while sharing reviews of live music performances, and offering a variety of music related products for sale, both online and at local events. Please visit MetalBabeMayhem.com to see their rock n’ roll clothing, jewelry, accessories, blog site, playlist, and more.


Kaotic Radio is Your 24/7 Anti-Establisment Internet Radio.  Tune in for Live Talk shows running Monday thru Friday. You can listen live by clicking the link below or download the App


In 2014 Rag House Radio/RagMag was launched by April Duran after working in the music industry and noticing the sisters had to get together and empower each other. April is starting a new journey in FM radio, but Rag House is is going to continue to highlight as many artists as they with Chrissy Ras as the Host.

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