Metal Babe and a Puppet Named Flick

That time Alison Cohen of Metal Babe Mayhem talked to a puppet at the 2016 Burbank Days Of The Dead.




The Nerd Soapbox gang always enjoys checking out the different vendors at the conventions we attend. That’s how we met our new friend Alison “MNerd SoapboxetalBabe” Cohen of Metal Babe Mayhem at the 2016 Burbank Days Of The Dead Convention. Alison considers herself a ‘rock journalist with a clothing line’ that has close to 20 unique designs with lips/bones, skulls, pin-up girls, guitars, vampires, and bats for sale on a variety of one-of-a-kind clothing items for both men and women. Her interest in both Horror and Rock and Roll merge naturally in the designs of her clothing.

The conventions are more than their celebrity guests. The vendors also help make your convention experience memorable, and some good deals on awesome swag doesn’t help either. Check out our talk with Metal Babe Alison and don’t forget to subscribe to The Nerd Soapbox YouTube channel. Oh and one more thing – feel free to share our videos. If you enjoyed them then chances are your friends, family and enemies will enjoy them too. Share our videos like you are stealing them. Post ’em everywhere. Flick out y’all.

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