12 September 2019


C4MB will debut the video for “Magical Pill” at Universal Bar & Grill on Saturday, September 14th before C4OC’s live performance, and will release the video on YouTube September 15th worldwide! 

Alison  Masson and her Dad Jack Cohen wrote the lyrics and melody for “Magical Pill” in early May of 2019. Once the lyrics and melody were complete, Denniray Stelly was the perfect fit to complete the C4MB project.

Alison, Jack, and Denniray, collectively called C4MB, will debut the video for “Magical Pill” at Universal Bar & Grill this Saturday, September 14th. Burning Red, Wicked World ASL, and Corners of Sanctuary are also on the bill. This show is Presented by Smart Edge Entertainment and Sponsored by Metal Babe Mayhem. “Magical Pill” will be available on YouTube September 15th worldwide!

Jack was the one to initiate the idea. He said, “The opening line, IT FEELS SO GOOD, WE CLOSE OUR EYES, expresses the way Alison and I both feel about music. During Alison’s last visit home, I wrote this first line, then approached Alison with the idea of writing a Metal Babe Mayhem song. Writing this song with my daughter was one of the best, and most fun times we ever spent together. As we worked through the lyrics, figuring out the verses and the chorus, Alison could hear the melody in her head. The result is a song for her business, Metal Babe Mayhem.” 

After consulting with a mutual friend, Edward Cieplinski, Alison reached out to Denniray Stelly to see if he was interested in working on the song with them. Denniray jumped right in, and was “totally honored he got to work on the song.” He “absolutely loves it” 

Denniray plays slide guitar, acoustic guitar, and sings on “Magical Pill.” In addition, he produced and recorded the song. Denniray also created a lyric video that shows how they really are one big family… Metal Babe Mayhem. C4MB also has a metal version in the works. 

Please see the Teaser below: 

Magical Pill (Promo) by C4MB

Alison Masson, Jack Cohen, and Denniray Stelly, collectively called C4MB, will release the video for “Magical Pill”on Sunday, September 15th. See the Official Press Release here: https://metalbabemayhem.com/essential_grid/local-worldwide-release-c4mb-magical-pill-video-this-weekend/

Alison and Denniray are both huge supporters of the local and independent music scene, and both agree that this is a great way to join the Hollywood music  scene with the Orange County music scene as well! 

About Alison Masson: Alison is an enormous supporter of independent and national musicians. She runs two businesses: Metal Babe Mayhem (Clothing/Jewelry/Accessories) and MBM Music LLC (Music/Vendor Promotion).

About Jack Cohen: Jack Cohen has had numerous creative outlets throughout the years. He is the author of two books: “She Is Not Related to Him,” and “Proud, Happy, and Thankful to be Jewish.”

About Denniray Stelly: Denniray is a huge supporter of the Southern California music scene. Not only does he play in five bands, (C4OC/Anxious Annie/Timm Saxton and The Room/The Strange Garden/

Project Denny Ray) he also runs independent radio station C4OC Radio, whose slogan is, “The Band that made a radio station for bands.”