LIT SOUL – You Blessed My Eyes With Your Cruelty (OFFICIAL)

LIT SOUL – You Blessed My Eyes With Your Cruelty (OFFICIAL)

LIT SOUL have been working closely with director/producer Matt Zane since late 2015 and are excited to release the brand new video for “You Blessed My Eyes with Your Cruelty.” Watch the video on LIT SOUL’s YouTube Page here:

*Rob Chevelle is wearing a Metal Babe Mayhem “Studded Star” Guitar Strap by Al Bane for Leather, and Dan Thomas Sauceda is wearing a Metal Babe Mayhem lips/bones bandana.

Published on Sep 13, 2017 on LITSOUL1
Music, melody, and lyrics by Rob Chevelle.
Piano intro by Dan Thomas Sauceda.
Music performed and recorded by Rob Chevelle, Ty Dennis, Steve Sampson, and Dan Thomas Sauceda.
Recorded by Bill Metoyer. Mixed by Bill Metoyer, Ronnie Borchert, and Rob Chevelle.
Music video directed by Matt Zane
Model Cat DeCuir
Makeup by Jewel Steele

LIT SOUL advocates Liberty in the Modern Age and Human Rights for all. The band does not condone violence of any kind and are using their artistic means to seek awareness and eradication of these practices.

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