DOWNFALL 2012 Album Review ‘We Welcome The Pain’

DOWNFALL 2012 Album Review We Welcome The Pain’

By Shawn SixX

So, it is no secret that truly original music is damn hard to find nowadays, if at all. The scenester purists are always quipping about this fact, but I’m afraid that their self-righteous orientation has missed a serious point. That point is that what makes art so connective to the audience is that it motivates through familiarity. Well one band from Houston has tapped into this theory with a fervor, it seems.

DOWNFALL 2012 is not new to the “Lonestar State” by any means. They have been banging around the hard rock scene there for the last decade, but it seems they are getting some serious attention as of late. Yah, Yah, I know that is the same spiel that a lot of struggling bands say, but it seems DF2012 isn’t just puffing their chest out. After garnering “Band of the Year,” “Best Live Performance,” and multiple “Texas Buzz Awards;” this band has been looking at the seemingly upward ride. This trio has one serious hill to climb though. There is an endless sea of other bands that fit into this segment of mainstream hard rock!

The band has a bunch of releases under their belt including their most recent, ‘We Welcome the Pain’ which is a killer example of what makes this band stand out… a sound much bigger than they are! When you listen to these 10 songs, you will be completely shocked that this is only a three-piece. DF2012 just comes across larger than life. In today’s music environment, that is a big deal. They also project a level of determination that manifests itself as an auditory sledgehammer taking am right at you. No, this recent album is not a band epiphany, but rather an extension of their previous album ‘Every Man for Himself.’

This new offering lays out such tracks as “Take Control” and the title song “We Welcome the Pain” that set the group’s tone once again. There is still an unapologetic head nod to the various hard rock and nu-metal influences from their lives in the music, but thankfully it still has what appears to be a sly socio-political undertone in the lyrics. As I said in the beginning, there is almost no way truly original music can exist nowadays, but this new album from DOWNFALL 2012 can surely grab you in a new place! I recommend you go out and get a copy and see one of their live shows to experience it for yourself.

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