Deathsquad Demongods – Old Town Pub in Pasadena, CA

Deathsquad Demongods – Sept. 9th, 2011

Old Town Pub – Pasadena, CA 

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Deathsquad DemongodsSince my interview with Stevie Peavey from Deathsquad Demongods (DSDG), I have been rockin’ out to their 7 Song EP, “Everybody’s Favorite Guy,” and really looking forward to their September 9th show at the Old Town Pub in Pasadena. Angry Samoans were the headliner for the night, and other bands included Majorelle, Sidekick, and Dirty Filthy Mugs.

It was a change of scenery for me, since I spend most of my time in Hollywood, but the Old Town Pub was a cool venue, with brick walls, stickers everywhere, and an outdoor patio. I got there right before DSDG put on their Road Warrior Gear, announced themselves as ‘your new favorite f_ckin’ band’, and started their set out with “Molotov Baby.”

What fans may or may not know, is that Stevie Peavey is a spoiled trust fund kid who started a new band with a bunch of dudes who not only look like they’re outta the wasteland of Road Warrior, they rock like the feral love child of Turbonegro, Manowar, The Ramones, and AC/DC.

Stevie spent the night rockin’ through Anthem-like tongue-in-cheek songs like “Party Starts Now,” the self-titled “Deathsquad Demongods,” and “Dirty Little Liar.”

Stevie announced that “Rock n Roll Suckers” was about bands that bore you to death on stage and asked the crowd to sing along with him. (After that he said, this is L.A. so of course no one will.) Surprisingly enough, there were a couple brave souls who stepped out of the stereotypical boundary and sang along.

“Siamese Twin” had another interesting story behind it, something about twins, who were attached, that were both his girlfriend? From there, Stevie asked for a moment of silence for someone really special… And of course it was him! “Everybody’s Favorite Guy!” After performing this title track from their EP, Stevie put down his White Flying V and closed out the set with “Fuel Injected.”

Overall Deathsquad Demongods put on a fun, energetic, performance, and the outfits, and Band’s background definitely added to the show. I caught up with Stevie after the show, and asked him how he thought the show went. He said, “Pretty kickass, to be frank. Calvin played some incendiary leads, even more so than usual, and I saw some photos from the gig, and we look really cool, all smashed together on the small stage. It’s all about lookin’ cool, as well as sounding masterful.” I couldn’t agree more Stevie!

I also asked Stevie about their Road Warrior Gear, and how he came up with the idea to wear them it stage. He said he watched “Road Warrior” a lot, but that wasn’t necessarily the inspiration. “We’re skinny guys, which is the best look for rock n’ roll, but you can improve it further when you toss on some spiked shoulder pads. You get like three times the shoulder broadness, and increase your badass quotient by like 85%. A mere leather jacket can’t hope to compare with this.” Makes sense to me!

Deathsquad DemongodsDeathsquad DemongodsDeathsquad DemongodsDeathsquad DemongodsDeathsquad DemongodsDeathsquad Demongods are in the process of finalizing their 7 Song EP and plan on having a CD Release party when it’s done. So keep posted for that, and in the meantime, you can download 4 songs from “Everybody’s Favorite Guy” for FREE at

The Set List Included:

  • Molotov Baby
  • The Party Starts Now (Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom Cover)
  • Love to Love You
  • DSDG
  • Dirty Little Liar
  • Apocalypse Joe
  • Rock n’ Roll Suckers
  • Siamese Twin
  • Everbody’s Favorite Guy
  • Fuel Injected Suicide Machine

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