Crash Diet/Pretty Boy Floyd and More – Key Club

 Crash Diet/Pretty Boy Floyd and More – Key Club

 Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Photos by Kimberly Crane Photography

Crash Diet

Everyone has been talking about the BIG Crash Diet show at the Key Club for months! For those of you who don’t know, Crash Diet are Swedish Sleaze Rockers, who have been together since 2003, toured extensively throughout Europe and the UK, released three Studio Albums, but have NEVER played the United States! Los Angeles was one of the five cities lucky enough to be included on their U.S. Tour.

After all of the anticipation and excitement, the day finally arrived. I got to the Key Club early, and caught Vicious Outlaws nail two Skid Row songs, “Monkey Business” and” Piece of Me.” It was barely 7:00PM and the Club was already pretty crowded. I knew this was going to be one hell of a night.

Next came glam three-piece Cast of Nasties. I’ve known singer/guitarist Jonni Jade for quite some time, and I was excited to see them play. Jonni was so glam, with a furry pink jacket and guitar strap to match, pink guitar strings, and even pink hair. All their original songs totally rocked! It was fun, fast, punk, glam, and rock.


From there, Stonebreed put on a stellar performance. The place was even more packed, and they gave it everything they had. Stonebreed have a stage presence unlike most, and their energy, talent, and songs that need to be seen and heard. Their all original set included: “Shoot you Down, “Whiskey Well,” “Judgment Day,” one of my all-time favorites “Last Dollar, “Back Home,” and brand new song from their upcoming Debut CD titled “Break.”

Middle Finger MobMiddle Finger Mob

Middle Finger Mob was next. It’s been a while since they’ve played the Strip, but they picked up right where they left off. Their all-original high-energy set included “Love Song,” “Sometimes,” and “20 Stories.” Freekshow took a moment to dedicate “Save a Place in Heaven” to Tracii Michaelz before the heartfelt Tribute. For anyone who knows Middle Finger Mob, they know Freekshow has been on Vox since the beginning, along with Lenka Danger on back-ups. I love the way Lenka dances her heart out at every show, adding such sex appeal and charisma to the show, you can’t help but love them. Other songs included “20 Stories” and “Doin’ Time.”

Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd was on next, followed by Crash Diet! Pretty Boy Floyd have had quite a few line-up changes throughout the years…. Kristy “Krash” Majors was back by vocalist Steve Summers side on guitar. Criss 6 (who had been playing in a local Motley Crue Tribute Band True 2 Crue) stepped in on bass in 2009, and this was the first time that I’d seen them with their newest drummer, Ben Graves, from the MURDERDOLLS!

Pretty Boy Floyd opened their set with “Leather Boys with Electric Toys,” and then went right into “Toast of the Town.” (Which for those of you who don’t, was originally written by Motley Crue ‘back in the day.’) Steve Summers was all over the place, kneeling, hi-fiving, throwing out shirts and CD’s, all the while belting out vocals to songs we know and love, such as “Rock And Roll Outlaw” and “48 Hours to Rock.”

Pretty Boy FloydPretty Boy Floyd

After a couple newer songs, they played one of my all-time favorite PBF songs, the ballad “I Only Wanna Be With You.” And then… They played “48 Hours” AGAIN! The band didn’t seem to remember playing it? But many of the fans did. Including me. After a few baffled moments, the majority of fans gave in, and sang along like it was the first time.

The Band left the stage for a brief encore, while Ben Graves played a quick drum solo before “Your Mama Don’t Know.” (If only he would have snuck some MURDERDOLLS into their set… LOL) The last song of the night was actually their first single ever, back in 1989. “Rock and Roll Is Gonna Set the Night on Fire.” PBF went out with a ‘bang’ as fans rocked and sang along.

Crash Diet

Finally, it was time for Crash Diet!!! They looked amazing, with their big hair and make-up, and they had an even bigger sound to match. The crowd went crazy as they ‘crashed’ onto the stage with “Breakin’ the Chainz’” off their latest release “Generation Wild.” Fans screamed as they broke into “Down with the Dust” and then one of my favorite Crash Diet songs, “So Alive.”

Mo-hawked singer Simon Cruz took a moment to acknowledge the crowd and all the fans that traveled to be there. (I personally knew people who came in from Phoenix, Boston, Oakland, and New York.) He asked if we were ready for a RIOT!?!?!? (Simon sure can scream!) And they then showed us there’s a “Riot in Everyone.”

I could sure see the Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks/Solo) influence in Simon as he pulled out his harmonica to introduce the next song, “Native Nature,” which is about BOOZE! From there, they played the “fun and positive “Bound to Fall,” which is about rising up when you get brought down. They rocked us to the encore with the crowd familiar feel-good song “Chemical.” Fans sang along with “Straight Outta hell,” before Crash Diet exited the stage for a quick encore.

Crash Diet

During their exit, the crowd chanted, “Crash Diet, Crash Diet, Crash Diet” until they returned to the stage for one more song… Their ANTHEM “Generation Wild!”

Judas Priest cover band Breaking the Law ended the night, by knocking out some classics, such as Electric Eye, Desert Plains, and Freewheel Burning among others.

Electric Child, Dead End Gypsies, Wretchid Child, Skarlett, Purple Church, Stay-Awake, To the Death, Diamante, and Man + Robot were also on the Bill.

This was definitely a GREAT show, filled with talent, hairspray, and fun. For anyone who wasn’t at this show, you can see the entire night streamed live from the Key Club’s website. And, even if you were there, and want to watch it again (like I am) you can watch it here! (Just click on the band you want to watch.)