Corners of Sanctuary Release New Digital Album, Unveil New T-Shirt, and Find Sanctuary

Corners of Sanctuary Release New Digital Album, Unveil New T-Shirt, and Find Sanctuary


(4 June 2018) – For some, busy is a four letter word. For the Philadelphia-based band Corners of Sanctuary (COS), busy is what it’s all about and busy is business as usual. The traditional Heavy Metal troop’s new album, “The Galloping Hordes,” was officially released digitally on May 18th and is now available on iTunes and Amazon, in addition to many other online platforms.

We are excited to finally be able share the album with our fans,” said COS drummer Mad T.

The hard copy CD version of the album is set to release this summer on Killer Metal Records to coincide with the band’s trip to Europe.

In addition, to celebrate the “Hordes” digital release, the band is also making available a newly re-mastered collection of COS classics titled, “Finding Sanctuary.”

This collection of songs has gotten a serious makeover,” said COS bassist James Pera. “We wanted to bring things up to speed… so a lot of sections were re-recorded and even rewritten… a total remix was done and Bill Metoyer gave the tracks his magical mastering touch,” he continued.

Finding Sanctuary” will be released in June on CD format as well as on a limited run of cassette tapes only available at the band’s live performances.

It really is amazing what these songs have become with just some additional polishing… there are some real gems on this album,” Pera added.

Moving forward, the band is already at work on several other studio projects for future release with their new label Killer Metal Records.

We’ve done a lot of writing over the last couple of years and we want to ensure everything gets recorded,” said COS guitarist Mick Michaels. “Nothing wrong with a little surplus… besides, you never know what tomorrow will bring,” he added with a smile.

Corners of Sanctuary has also teamed up with West Coast rock-fashion clothing and accessory trend-setter Metal Babe Mayhem (MBM) for the unveiling of an exclusive tour t-shirt.

The MBM shirt design, titled “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye,” coincides with COS’ latest album “The Galloping Hordes,” and commemorates theband’s first tour of Europe this August. The new shirt will be featured as a special addition to the MBM collection and will be available for a limited time.

We’re stoked to be working with Alison and Metal Babe Mayhem… it’s really cool,” said Michaels. “Alison is a big COS supporter and to be able to be part of such an opportunity, especially for something like this, is awesome,” he added.

The new tee’s graphic is a collaborative effort between MBM CEO Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen and Michaels, encompassing the new album’s theme of war and MBM’s popular “Kiss of Death” design.

It was definitely important that we incorporated the essence of the album’s lyrical undertones while maintaining the MBM look and feel, “ Michaels stated. “I think that’s what ties it all together… it’s bad ass,” he continued.

I am excited! This is the first collaboration I’ve done with a band like this, and I am really happy to be doing it with COS. This is going to be awesome!” Cohen said.

The “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye” shirt is now available exclusively on the Metal Babe Mayhem and Corners of Sanctuary websites for pre-ordering at the links below.

A limited number of the commemorative “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye” t-shirts will be produced and pre-ordering is only available until July 10, 2018.

To pre-order your very own MBMKiss Your Ass Goodbye” black t-shirts and tank tops visit:…bye-cos-tank-top/

With their upcoming Europe tour this August and the West Coast shows in November, a support page to assist the band’s endeavors will go live via their official website,, starting June 7, 2018. Special COS NATION merchandise packages and personal equipment used by the band on recent tours will be available for purchase.

Rather than just ask people to donate money, we prefer to give something in return,” Pera stated. “We have some cool packages put together for those fans who want to support the cause…. every bit helps,” he added.

Check out Corners of Sanctuary at:
Twitter: @COSnROLL
Instagram: @cosmetalnation

Show schedule:
June 2nd Coal Mind Tap Room – St. Clair, PA
June 16th Nikstock 2018 Kasoag Lake – Williamstown, NY
July 13th David’s Outlook – Hanover, PA
July 20th The Rusty Nail – Ardmore, PA
July 28th Irish Wolf Pub – Scranton, PA
August 12th The Cave – Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 15th Rocker – Hannover, Germany
August 17th MTS Records – Oldenburg, Germany
August 18th Lingen Volume – Lingen, Germany
September 6th New York
September 7th
Montreal, Canada
September 8th
Toronto, Canada
October 14th The Depot – Baltimore, MD
November 4th C4OC Compound – Santa Ana, CA
November 5th TBD, CA
November 7th Skinny’s – North Hollywood, Ca
November 9th The Rainbow – West Hollywood, CA
November 10th – TBD, CA