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Guitar player Grant Masson and drummer Tom Oz have been playing together since 2007. They performed all over southern California with female fronted southern rock band Hallowed Engine. Towards the end of 2010, they decided it was time to take the band in a different direction and parted ways to form their own project, Cooter Brown. Bass player Scott Kessler, who is a longtime friend and most known for playing with the Alice Cooper Tribute Band Nightmare and his previous work with progressive metal band Scarred, was next to join the band in late 2011.

The three of them got right to work on creating groove-orientated, heavy rock music. The band wrote new music together and rehearsed diligently until they were ready to find a singer. That became quite a challenge…

After a lot of ‘hit and miss’ singer searches, they finally found a perfect match in RYATT’s bass player/vocalist. He brought a whole different dynamic to the band by combining his impressive vocal range with the tight inner-workings of this former three-piece. Cooter Brown has undeniable chemistry, both on and off the stage.

Photo by Lady Lea Photography

The band has been playing live shows in Los Angeles and surrounding areas and building quite a following! Cooter Brown are currently in the studio recording an EP and are in the final mixing stages with the legendary Bill Metoyer. They also have some press interviews and videos in the works.

Cooter Brown is:
Lead Vocals: Robert Cruz
Guitar: Grant Masson
Bass/Backing Vocals: Scott Kessler
Drums: Tom Oz

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*Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen