Billy Morris, Newmachine, and Snake Eyes Seven Exclusive Premier

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Billy Morris, Newmachine, and Snake Eyes Seven Exclusive Premier on Metal Babe Mayhem

Los Angeles, CA. – 4 December 2017 – Metal Babe Mayhem is extremely excited for the exclusive premier of three HighvolMusic recording artists: Billy Morris, Newmachine, and Snake Eyes Seven. All three bands are debuting singles from their upcoming 2018 releases on the Metal Babe Mayhem Monthly Playlist for December.

Billy Morris’s song “The Weekend” is a feel good party song that takes you back to a time where we could all just get away for the weekend and party with some friends and some beers. The song is upbeat with great lyrics, including “We’re gonna party like the weekend never ends.”

Newmachine’s brand new song “Heaven Awaits” is a groove-driven rock song with profound meaning and a catchy chorus, definitely brilliant old school rock. “Heaven awaits us all, heaven is knocking on my front door.”

Snake Eyes Seven’s “Can You Hear Me Calling?” is also on the playlist. They will be releasing their full album “Medicine Man” on HighVolMusic March 30th, 2018. “The current version of Snake Eyes Seven is the most brilliant and cohesive band since its inception. The ‘Madman’ has finally achieved what he set out to do. The upcoming ‘Medicine Man’ release is the true testimony to this fact. THE BAND is the sum of its parts!”

Additional bands on the Metal Babe Mayhem Monthly Playlist for December include HighVolMusic Recording Artists Every Mother’s Nightmare and Strikeforce, and Aeges, Co.Dam, Cold Blooded Sapphire, Defining 13, Karmikaze, Melia MaCarrone, Michael Tracy, Pretty Boy Floyd, Rapid Assassin, Sevi, Sifting, Shadowrise, and Ten Mile Tongue.

The Metal Babe Mayhem Monthly Playlist, Sponsored by Indie Scene Radio, features approximately 20 songs by local and national artists. Listen to the Premier of the above-mentioned artists and the full playlist at this link: Metal Babe Mayhem Monthly Playlist for December

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