Billy Idol – “House of Billy” – 09/19/08

Billy Idol – “House of Billy” – 09/19/08

 Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen


The House of Blues was transformed into the “House of Billy” in honor of Billy Idol’s three night stint. 100’s of Billy Idol posters were displayed inside and out, and both marquees were changed to the “House of Billy.” I was excited to attend the 3rd night and it was SOLD OUT.


Their set started strong with “Cradle of Love,” “Dancin’ with Myself” and “Flesh for Fantasy.” Then Billy asked Steve Stevens to show us what a hit song sounds like, as Stevens started shredding the intro to “White Wedding” on an acoustic, and a second drummer aided the song, working the floor tom and tambourine. After the song, Billy clued us in that the guest was Rick Allen from Def Leppard! Idol mixed new songs like “John Wayne,” “New Future Weapon,” and “World Comin’ Down” with classics like “Eyes Without a Face,” “Blue Highway” and “Sweet Sixteen.”


After a mystical rendition of “Sweet Sixteen,” Steve Stevens took the stage for a beautiful and rockin’ guitar medley of standards and classics.


Idol definitely knows how to make a show fun, and how to work a crowd. During “Rebel Yell” Billy started a chant: “Do ya feel alright? Yeah, I feel alright. Do ya feel alright? Yeah, I feel alright.” Steve Stevens even played a guitar that lit up in different colors with every note he played.


Billy definitely has a sex appeal to him like no one else. With his signature snarl, boyish charm, and unmistakable physique, women go crazy for him. A couple times during the set, Idol went back to the drums and “played” on a tambourine and floor tom with a single drumstick or mallet. He kept up the fun vibe by handing fans autographed drumsticks and Frisbees. Quite a few lucky fans ended up taking home a “piece of Billy” that night.


Their encore started with “Hot in the City” and it was SEXY! Billy played an acoustic and changed the words a few times to lines like “Hot in the Lady.” The set ended with “Mony Mony” as Billy had fans chanting his famous rant “Get laid, get f*cked” throughout the song. By the end, ALL members of the band lined the front of the stage on guitar. Even drummer Brian Tichy and keyboard player Derek Sherinian joined in on guitar, so 4 guitars and a bass were all playing in unison before they exited the stage. They definitely went out with a bang.


Needless to say, Billy didn’t disappoint the sold out crowd! I’m curious how this show compared to the other two nights at the “House of Billy,” and how it compares to the Jack FM show this year.


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