Blacklist Union


Blacklist Union is unfiltered and in your face. It’s raw and as real as it gets.


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Cooter Brown


Cooter Brown creates groove orientated, heavy rock music.


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Crack in the Shell


Crack in the Shell’s sound is as diverse as their background. Punk to Rock to Psychedelic, CITS covers the spectrum of today’s musical melting pot.

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Crossing demented aggression, punk attitude, heavy metal power, virtuoso musicianship and sexy/trashy/gutter punk image into a whole new music revolution.

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Edge of Paradise


Edge of Paradise creates industrial-tinged metal coupled with soaring vocal hooks.


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Faith and Bullets1



Faith & Bullets


Faith & Bullets is a rock band out of California’s Central Valley that is looking to take the world by storm and bring rock n’ roll back to the music scene.


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The Hard Way


The Hard Way is thoroughly entertaining with catchy songs, lively performances, and an overall accessible package.

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Hollywood Roses


Fans craving raw rock n’ roll and an authentic Guns N Roses experience won’t be disappointed by Hollywood Roses.

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Lit Soul


Lit Soul is a hard driving melodic rock band from Los Angeles that advocates Liberty in the modern age.

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The Militants


The Militant’s sound is characterized by its guitar crunch, hardcore beats, and a brutal yet melodic primal vocal style.

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Stonebreed delivers a unique brand of hard rock with a southern metal kick.


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