“Bakwash and Bass”: Interview with Rev Jones Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Rev Jones AKA The Madman is known for his unique two-handed tapping style and has recorded and toured with some of the biggest names in music, including Steelheart, Michael Schenker Group, Leslie West, and Kottack. Rev Jones released his debut solo album “Bakwash” on Nov 9, 2018 (RJB Records) and recorded on the live Steelheart DVD “Rock’n Milan 2017” (Frontier Records) that was released December 7th, 2018.  On “Bakwash,” Rev Jones not only plays bass, he also plays guitar and keyboards, and he produced the album.

I had a great time interviewing Rev Jones, and love how he is so down to earth and approachable! He even invites fans to personally contact him with feedback on his latest release!

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen: Hello Rev Jones! I am glad to be doing this interview with you. I hope you haven’t been asked this a million times, but let’s start out with, how did you get the nickname Madman?Rev Jones: Well I’ve been known to act a bit crazy onstage, more so in my younger days, as I get older it is taming down a little, but not much.