Backyard Bash at The Bow with London, Buckcherry, and More!

*Originally published in Sin City Presents Magazine

Backyard Bash at The Bow with London, Buckcherry, and More!

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen
Photos by Joe Schaeffer Photography and Rock Photography 

Backyard parties are always fun, and one of the best is the Backyard Bash at the Rainbow! This year’s Labor Day Weekend Backyard Bash took place in the Rainbow parking lot Sunday, September 4th with Buckcherry, Iron Butterfly, London, Hirax, All Hail the Yeti, and more.



The party started at 2pm and as the day went on, the “Bow” got more and more crowded. After having a great interview earlier that day with vocalist Nadir D’Priest, (See interview HERE) I made sure I was front and center for their set. One of the first things Nadir said when he took the stage was “Rock and roll is alive in Hollywood,” and he was right! From the front of the stage to the back, old school London fans and new fans alike, united for their love of rock and roll.

Adorned in a combination of glitter, glam, and black t-shirts, London played nine songs including “The Wall,” “Drop the Bomb,” “Ride You Through the Night,” “Fast as Light,” “Russian Winter,” and “Tie That Girl.”

Before London played “It’s So Easy” off their 1990 release ‘Playa del Rock,’ Nadir dedicated their entire show to Miguel Murillo (who was the head chef at The Rainbow since its inception and passed away late March of 2016).


Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

It was an interesting treat to see Roberta Freeman (G N’R, Joe Cocker) and percussionist Marco Zavala join the band onstage for Latin jazz/mambo song “Easy Oye como Va,” complete with maracas and a guiro. From there, the band and its special additions, played The Stones song “Honky Tonk Woman.”

Towards the end of the set, the band welcomed a little eye candy to the stage as two dancers joined them onstage. Overall, they put on a great high-energy rock and roll set, and it was great to see die-hard London fans resurface and sing along, and new fans being made as well.

By the time Buckcherry took the stage, just after 8:30, the parking lot was completely packed full.

Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

I have to admit… I will always have a “soft spot” for Buckcherry since I was their ‘St. Louis rep’ when they released their debut self-titled CD in 1999. I plastered the entire town with Buckcherry posters and stickers, got their cassette singles in every rocker’s hand within reach, and even got the clubs prepped for the shows when they passed through town. All these years later, I am still a fan of the band and really enjoyed Buckcherry’s set!

Buckcherry performed songs that we all know and love, including “Everything,” “So Far,” “Sorry,” “Onset,” and “Lit Up,” and the crowd danced and sang along as if it was 1999 again. Of course, all the ladies enjoyed the added sex appeal when Josh Todd took off his shirt at the beginning of “Crazy B*tch” too!

Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography
Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

I am so happy to see rock n’ roll alive and well in Hollywood! It was a great day to be at the Bow, all the bands rocked, and a good time was had by all!

Please see my interview with Nadir D’Priest (HERE). Thanks!

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