Amazing Bella Morte Show at Bar Sinister

Bella Morte – Bar Sinister – 11/07/09

 Review and Photos By Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Bella MorteBella Morte performed at Bar Sinister 11/07/09 in support of their latest release “Beautiful Death.” Vocalist Andy Deane and guitar player Tony Lechmanski are currently on tour with bass player Marshall Camden and drummer Branden Shores. For one of the first times, they do not have Micah Consylman (or anyone) on the “keytar” playing synth at the live shows.

I have seen Bella Morte so many times that I am actually into double digits now. And I keep coming back for more. Bella Morte is one of the most amazing live bands I have ever seen! They have more energy and better stage presence than most bands playing stadiums and amphitheaters. They are also one of the hardest working bands out there. Formed in 1996, they have released eight CD’s to date, and have toured extensively.

Bella MorteTheir show at Bar Sinister was packed full of fans, regulars and newcomers alike. The die-hards were in the front, singing along to every word, and I was one of them. They played quite a few songs off their latest CD, some classics, and some obscurities.

It was great to hear new songs performed live for the first time like opening song “Can’t Let This Die,” “Find Forever Gone,” “In the Dirt,” and “One Thousand Days.”

They rocked classics “Cristina,” “Regret” and “Find Another Way.” And I always love when they play anything from “Where Shadows Lie.” Also, it was amazing to see “The Rain within Her Hands” performed with a full band. I only wish I could see Bella Morte perform “One Winter’s Night,” off “The Pink and The Black” compilation. (That was the song that got me into Bella Morte in the first place!)

Andy’s beautiful and melodic, yet powerful voice, along with his animated and unique stage performance and solid backing band make for a killer live show.

Right hand man, Tony tore it up on guitar, and Branden and Marshall fit in just right. Bella Morte are on tour through February, so check the websites below to see if they are playing in your town. You will have no “regrets” if you go. Also, if you haven’t picked up your copy of “Beautiful Death” yet, definitely check it out.

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