Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen And Brooke Lewis Add ‘Bridal & Bachelorette’ To Their ‘Rock Your Hot Mess’ Hit Clothing Line

(16 January 2018 – Los Angeles, CA)


Rock n’ Roll Lifestyle Company Metal Babe Mayhem (Owned by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen) partners with Actress, Scream Queen, TV Life & Dating Coach, and Author, Brooke Lewis, to add a ‘Bridal & Bachelorette’ style to their ‘Rock Your Hot Mess’ hit clothing line in 2018.

In conjunction with the release of Brooke’s book Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess in 2016, the Girl Power duo teamed up to bring you a line of clothing that moves you to ‘Rock Your Hot Mess’. To quote Brooke in her book, “Let’s break the ‘rules’ and stop chasing “perfection.” It gets tiring trying to be “perfect” all the time, doesn’t it?” In 2017, and inspired by Brooke’s Hollywood Engagement, their ‘Bridal & Bachelorette Rock Your Hot Mess’ style was born!

“As stated in my book, I was a proud, empowered single woman for a long time. In that time, I was a bridesmaid and bachelorette in 18 weddings. I had been reminiscing about all the Bachelorette parties and weekends I had attended and all the “late night” champagne toasts with the ladies, or the “walk-of-shame” mornings or flights home from Vegas with nothing cute and comfy to ROCK! Once I got engaged and started visualizing my Bachelorette party, I felt so inspired to add the Bridal & Bachelorette style to our ‘Rock Your Hot Mess’ line and Alison was all in! Since “MetalBabe” and I are all about female empowerment and supporting one another, we could not think of a better way to support brides and bridal parties to ‘ROCK YOUR HOT MESS’ and OWN IT! Now, that is a great “gift” in every sense of the word!” – Brooke Lewis

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen, who is a ‘rock journalist with a clothing line,’ established Metal Babe Mayhem in 2006 in an effort to support and promote rock n’ roll. Metal Babe Mayhem… Where Music and Fashion Meet, houses hundreds of music reviews, band interviews, a monthly playlist, and carries over 200 unique products, including clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

“I am so excited to be creating and producing another ‘RYHM’ clothing style with Brooke and can’t wait for Brides and Bachelorettes to ‘Rock Their Hot Mess’ with us! This idea came at the perfect time, as I recently launched my MBM Music, LLC, so our marketing platform is bigger than ever!” – Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Currently, the line consists of three different ‘Bridal & Bachelorette Rock Your Hot Mess’ designs, including ‘Brides’, ‘Brides-to-be’ and ‘Bachelorettes’, on a variety of clothing options, from tank tops, v-necks and long-sleeved shirts.

‘Rock Your Hot Mess’ clothing can be purchased at Metal Babe Mayhem:

For more information on Brooke Lewis, Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess and the original ‘Rock Your Hot Mess’ clothing brand:

‘Hot Mess’: refers to when a “person’s appearance is in a state of total disarray while still maintaining an undeniable attractiveness” & allure.”Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess

You will find this feeling in our fashion when you purchase your very own ‘Rock Your Hot Mess’ at Metal Babe Mayhem!