Addicted to The Cult

Addicted to The Cult
 Club Nokia – 08/22/09

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

The CultI saw The Cult play their entire “Love” album from 1985 at Club Nokia on 08/22/09. This is the 3rd band I have seen perform an entire album within the last month. First, I saw Motley Crue play “Dr. Feelgood” and then I saw Judas Priest play “British Steel.” I was definitely looking forward to seeing “Love,” and wondered how they would handle having “She Sells Sanctuary” within the set, and what they would play for an encore.

Three piece Year Long Disaster opened the show and did one hell of a job jammin’ out. After an almost unbearable wait, (It was at least an hour!) the lights finally went dim and familiar images of Indians and Native Americana flashed on the screen as they played a synth intro. Then, the moment arrived that we had all been waiting for…THE CULT!

As promised, the set started with “Nirvana,” the 1st song off “Love.” I don’t know what it is about The Cult, but whatever they The Cultplay, every note, every word, I am in love. It doesn’t matter if I know the song or not, I am still in love. With tambourine in hand, Ian Astbury rocked through the album. It was a little weird to see Astbury with short permed hair though, since he is so famous for his long locks in the 90’s. At one point in the set, Astbury said “We ain’t fake baby. I got the scars to prove it.” After the title track,

The Cult blazed through the rest of the album with precision. It was great to see them do songs I’ve never seen them do before, like “Hollow Man.”

“Sanctuary” fit within the set perfectly, and then it was interesting to see them perform the last song of the CD “Black Angel,” which is kind of a slow song and a bit of a downer, before leaving the stage for the encore.

They came back for a SEVEN song encore, and it was AMAZING! They played several of their bigger hits, and even played a couple newer songs from their last CD “Born into This.” (Released in 2006) They started the encore with “Electric Ocean,” and then played “Wildflower,” and “Illuminated.” Then, it was The Culttime for one of my all time FAVORITE Cult songs, “Rise!” “Fire Woman” was killer, which was followed by another favorite song from the “Born into This” CD, “Dirty Little Rockstar.” It was sexy and sleazy as the crowd sang and danced to this newer song. The encore ended with an extended version of “Love Removal Machine.”

Throughout the night, Astbury sang with his signature rasp and had the dedicated conviction he’s had throughout his career. Also, he played tambourine throughout the show and threw out several to the crowd. Billy Duffy rocked his trademark Gretch Hallowbody guitar almost the entire show, playing his classic solos, note for note and with just as much feeling that was on the original recordings, if not more. The rest of the band held their own, kept a solidified rhythm section going and filled in the gaps accordingly.

I came across the following quote from Ian Astbury and thought it would be the perfect end to my review. “We never had fans – we have addicts. You either need it or you don’t. You either get it or you won’t. There is nothing casual about The Cult. We attract pure votaries.” I didn’t see any fans at the show… only addicts, and I was one of them.

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