Peppermint Creeps Acoustic – Hollywood/Highland

Peppermint Creeps Acoustic Hollywood/Highland

By Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Peppermint Creeps AcousticThe Peppermint Creeps were scheduled for two acoustic performances at Hot Topics in the Los Angeles area in an effort to promote their latest release, “In Hell.” I planned on attending the second of the two at Hollywood/Highland. I arrived early and caught up with Macy, Billy and Wes before they played, and even peeked at the set list (which I later obtained).

The Peppermint Creeps played in the middle of the store, with a Hot Topic backdrop behind them. There were about 25 or so fans and friends present. This was the 1st time the Peppermint Creeps have performed without Traci, aside from his two Memorial Concerts. It was a very up close and personal experience, where vocalist and guitar player Macy spoke in between each song, telling us a little about what the song means to them.

They started with “Let Your Voice Be Heard,” and continued on with

Peppermint Creeps Acoustic

“Glamour and Despair,” and “Hero,” which Macy said they actually wrote quite some time ago with Traci but never recorded it until their recent release. From there they played newer song “Just another Day,” which seems, somehow, we can all relate to, and then they went right into upbeat and fun songs “Lesbian” and “Stupid.” I proudly sang every Peppermint Creeps Acousticword to both songs, and was happy to look around and see I wasn’t the only one singing along. The Creeps ended their set with the famous “F*ck Off and Die.”

Even though their set was acoustic, and Traci was only in our hearts and minds instead of smiling at us from the drum set, the Creeps gave us an intimate and rockin’ performance. Throughout the night, hair and fists flew through the air in time, and EVERYONE sang along. I felt like a kid in a candy store, or at least like I was in “Broken Dollz.” (If you know this song, you will know what I’m talking about!) I only wish there was time for more. However, I understand the time limit, and am glad I was able to experience this rare Peppermint Creeps acoustic performance. R.I.P. Traci Michaelz.