Ashley Purdy Interview – Black Veil Brides

Ashley Purdy Interview – Black Veil Brides
Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

We are currently calling Black Veil Brides “L.A.’s Best Kept Secret.” Before BVB explode on to the scene, I caught up with Bass player Ashley Purdy and Vocalist Andy 6 to get some insight on the band and their future plans.

Black Veil BridesMetal Babe Mayhem (MBM): It looks like BVB recently signed with Standby Records and will be recording their first full-length CD with them, due out in early 2010. Congratulations! How did BVB connect with them in the first place?

Ashley Purdy: Thanks! Yeah, we have been followed by a few labels since our inception to see what we were going to do. I think they took notice of our amazing fan base (Thanks bridesmaids and grooms!) and how dedicated and loyal of a following that we’ve built up. We also wanted to go with someone who we trusted and felt had our backs in today’s music market. Standby Records and Neil Sheehan (Owner) have been very hospitable thus far to work on making us a household name.

MBM: Can you tell us more about what BVB is currently up to?

Ashley: Black Veil Brides is currently writing and working on material for our first full-length release and are set to record in November. We’ve been doing all the necessary ground work by getting a great management and legal team behind us. Right now we’re just getting our whole package together, which will all be un-veiled when the album drops.

MBM: Do you have plans to tour or play an L.A. show once the full-length CD has been released?

Black Veil BridesAshley: I’m not sure how many club circuits we are going to be playing, if any. Maybe a small amount, as we have (TKO) The Kirby Organization, who is a major Metal booking agency, booking our upcoming tours pre-album and post release to support the CD. So yeah, once the CD is done, we’ll be hitting the road. Right now it’s been loosely discussed that we will do major support tours and/or do some small headlining stints, as well as get on some of the Metal Festivals. I think we’re gonna fit a couple shows in on the way to Ohio, where we are recording, and do a mini-tour back to California. Until then it’s just writing and re-writing.

MBM: Will the EP “Sex and Hollywood” be available for purchase, aside from downloading it on iTunes, and will you be re-recording any of these songs for your new CD?

Ashley: I don’t believe we are going to bother with the EP anymore as a few of those songs are being re-written for the full-length album. So if you already have those downloads from that previous material, you will have a BVB collectable of early tracks.

MBM: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard BVB?

Ashley: Tasteful melodic metal, romantic and dark in nature, with a hint of hardcore to pop elements. Just a heavy rock metal band for “today.”

MBM: What are your songs about? What types of subjects do they focus on?

Black Veil Brides

Ashley: Overall the theme is about never giving in… not letting anyone tell you what to do or take anything away from you. Always being yourself, whatever that may be. The content obviously takes a darker and romantic approach to relationships about love and loss, as well as overcoming adversity in everyday life. Generally, just being tough and standing up for what you believe.

MBM: What are your major influences?

Ashley: I’m personally influenced by more theatrical and arena bands like Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, KISS, WASP… Bands that seemed dangerous and street. I definitely feel we’re bringing an element of that back with our style of music and image.

MBM: How did you come up with the name Black Veil Brides, and what does it mean?

Ashley: I’ll hand this lengthy topic over to Andy, the Vocalist, as this was derived from him.

Black Veil BridesAndy 6: The origin of the name comes from my childhood fascination with Roman Catholicism and the dark imagery that it evokes (i.e. sacred heart, stigmata, etc.) The term black veil bride comes from the church. When a Nun has her coronation, she is marrying God and they literally have a ceremony in which she wears a black veil because she is giving up the cardinal pleasures of life. I thought this worked well for a heavy band as the strong dichotomy between a bunch of guys dressed in all black and general lack of “holy-ness” claiming such a strong image seemed to be evocative and sexy to me. Also, I liked the positive and negative it came with, the Hollywood-ized version of life it seems to have. The movies or TV seem to deem a wedding as the happiest moment in an adult life and the usual image for that is a beautiful young woman in a wedding dress and wedding veil. Inversely the lowest point in a human life would be a funeral which is classically depicted by an older, perhaps beat down, woman in a black veil… a strong woman despite her plight. These type of names are classic in rock and roll, such as Guns and Roses, which is both positive and negative. I thought it suited us well.

MBM: What can fans expect from a live BVB show?

Ashley: You’ll definitely be entertained and be able to suspend reality for an hour with the decadent feel of such a unity that the BVB fans have and just get swept up in that energy. We also cater to all audiences. (Rock, Goth, Metal, Industrial) We’re a visual band that you will want to see live and will be entertained by our stage presence as well as our music.

MBM: If you could choose any bands you would like to go on tour with you, who would it be?

Ashley: Right now I think it would be great to get on some of the big metal festivals like Mayhem Fest or Crue Fest since we cater to a wider audience.

MBM: Anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

Ashley: Well… keep posted on us via myspace. There is a lot on the horizon that we cannot divulge yet pertaining to all aspects of the band. Lots of new music on the way, as well as videos, pictures, merchandise, etc. In the next few months there will be a whirlwind of things happening with the band. So if you’re interested, I say at this point, just keep up to date with us and we’ll be sure to keep everyone informed of what’s happening in the BVB camp. Until then, stay Metal..!! Thanks, Alison.


MBM: Thank you Ashley and Andy, for your time. I’m really excited for BVB to “break out” in to the scene and can’t wait to see a live show. Metal Babe Mayhem wishes you and BVB the best of luck.