2021… Even Though

2021… Even Though

By Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Traditionally I write a Highlights list at the end of each year. However, this has not been a “traditional” year… 

I always pride myself on being both a balanced Libra, and my “can do” positive attitude. No matter what life throws at me I have been able to stay “even.” I take in all the good with the bad and I am usually able to keep my balance and positive attitude. 

2021 threw a wrench in all that for me and has been the most challenging year of my life. Instead of my Highlights list, I’d like to list what I’m grateful for. 

I’m grateful that EVEN THOUGH I had a stroke in late August, miraculously I feel 99% better. 

I’m grateful that EVEN THOUGH my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma in late September, the chemotherapy is working and his cancer is shrinking. 

I am grateful that EVEN THOUGH we lost Grant’s mom (RIP Tilly Masson 10/7/21) in October, that we were able to spend quality time with her and she is no longer suffering. 

RIP Tilly <3

I am grateful that EVEN THOUGH my aunt and cousin aren’t doing well health wise right now, that we were able to have a family reunion and spend time together.

I am grateful that through tragedy my immediate family has grown closer together than ever. 

I am grateful that Grant has been there for me and my family.   

Grant and Alison

I am grateful for the support of my family, close friends, and online community.   

And, I will throw in a few highlights after all:

  • Got Certified as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist (See my Personal Trainer Website HERE.)
  • Road Trip to Portland with Jaz (and Sherman)
  • Visited St. Peters, MO six times to be with my family, and celebrated Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and my Dad’s Birthday there 
Norma, Alison, Tyson
  • Explored 27 states with Grant (Read 13 Highlights HERE.)
  • Released the Horns Up design (View on Etsy HERE.)
  • Recorded and Released my first song ever (Listen on Spotify HERE or YouTube HERE.)
Artwork by LadyLea Photography
  • Two trips to Puerto Vallarta with Aaron and Leslee 
  • Midsummer Music Fest, Enuff Z’Nuff/Faster Pussycat, Tesla, and Davey Suicide (separately) 
  • Birthday Party with Friends, LIT SOUL, and Nightmare (View Photos HERE.)
  • Finalized a brand-new Metal Babe Mayhem website (Launching soon!)
  • Created a Metal Babe Fitness Line (Launching early 2022)

By saying “EVEN THOUGH,” and finding something I am grateful for does not mean it’s okay. It has been rough, and still is. I am doing my best to keep moving forward, onward, and upward!

Thank you to all those who Support me and Metal Babe Mayhem. Without you, we could not exist. Wishing you all the BEST in 2022!