20 MORE Embarrassing, Interesting, And/Or Weird Things About Me

20 MORE Embarrassing, Interesting, And/Or Weird Things About Me 

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

I was completely overwhelmed by the numerous positive responses I received after posting “20 Embarrassing, Interesting, And/Or Weird Things About Me.” I really appreciate the feedback and thought it would be fun to create a follow-up. Thank you for supporting me and Metal Babe Mayhem. Without you, it would not exist!


1. I have eight band tattoos, including tattoos for Savatage, Bon Jovi, HIM, Poison, Nikki Sixx, Bret Michaels, Queensryche, Wednesday 13, and Backyard Babies 

2. I enjoy being adventurous and will do just about anything, as long as it doesn’t involve eating meat, hurting others, or hurting animals.


3. When I was a kid, I was bitten on the nose by my cousins’ dog during a family vacation in Florida and was scared of ALL animals because of it. My parents got our first cat named Tiger to help me get over my fear. (It worked!)

4. I didn’t go to my Senior Prom. 

5. I love ‘activities’ and am always up for a game of air hockey, ping pong, bowling, or volleyball. I also really enjoy playing soccer and softball, although I haven’t much since I was a kid. 

6. I liked things better before all this technology, when people communicated properly and the written word was valued. 

7. I would love to be fluent in sign language and other languages. I really only know a little sign language, French, and Spanish. 

8. Someday when I retire, I want to dive deep into comic books. I’ve always been fascinated, but haven’t been able to dedicate the time. 


9. I worked at a Mr. Bubble factory and got fired after two weeks because I had a ring stuck on my finger and we weren’t allowed to wear jewelry. 

10. I worked as a telephone operator for GTE in Wentzville, Missouri and found it so interesting because my territory was the West Coast. I learned all about California’s cities, streets, and businesses, and I could even pronounce words like La Cienega, Cahuenga, and Sepulveda correctly before I ever moved there. 

11. My dad and I worked together for a couple years at the US Dept of Treasury and wrote a song together called NTEU, that went along with the music to YMCA. We dressed up like The Village People, along with two others, and performed it at an end of year party!


12. The first roller coaster my sister and I rode when we were kids was called the SooperDooperLooper at Hersheypark in Hershey, PA.

13. Before cell phones, I was stranded for three hours at the Welcome To Pennsylvania rest area while taking a Ryder truck from St. Louis, MO to Pennsylvania to vend at a festival! The driver thought I was onboard! All I had on me was my driver’s license. Thank God I had a calling card in my head!! 

14. I collect shot glasses when I travel, I will always choose the top bunk, the side of the hotel bed closest to the bathroom, and the aisle seat on an airplane. 

15. I love going on a float trips, and canoeing, kayaking, or rafting. (For my LA Friends, a float trip is not a parade! LOL. It’s when you spend an entire day in a canoe, kayak, or raft floating down a river…. Stopping to occasionally jump off a cliff or rope swing, or crawl through a cave.)


16. I’ve never really been into sweets/desserts, and the only time I usually eat any is at a wedding or birthday party when I feel guilty about not participating.

17. I’ve never broken any bones, I can’t whistle, and I can’t swallow pills.  


18. I’ve written a ton of songs (lyrics and melody) and have a binder full that’s ready to go! 

19. I recently crowd surfed for the first time at Wacken in Germany and loved it so much that I am ADDICTED! I just crowd surfed for my first time in L.A. during Demons and Wizards on August 17th. 


20. I’m really good at holding onto friends, (even ex-boyfriends) and usually the only way it ends is if they die… I am forever saddened to have lost several of my lifelong friends I grew up with in St. Louis much too soon. However, I am grateful for the time we had together, and my 11:11 Tattoo Tribute to them. 

I am beyond grateful for my family and friends. Thank you for being part of it. Much love to you all! Please visit the link below for my first “20 Embarrassing, Interesting, And/Or Weird Things About Me.” https://metalbabemayhem.com/20-embarrasing-interesting-weird-things-about-me/