Interview with Maleki Theory

Interview with Maleki Theory, How YOU can get a “FREE” T-shirt

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Tony and Chris Lepre have been playing in bands together for quite some time. Prior to Maleki Theory, they were in a punk metal band called Sloka for over ten years. In 2010, Chris, Tony, and Jimmy decided to take things in a different direction, and formed Maleki Theory. The only thing they needed was a singer. They reached out to longtime friend, Chris Maleki, (Medusa/Abitour) and the band was complete.

Maleki Theory began rehearsing, writing new songs, and re-working songs from their previous bands. They recorded a self-titled EP, at the Let it Burn studios loft. During the recording process, they played several live show in the Los Angeles are, including the Whisky, the Key Club, the Ventura Theater, Angels Roadhouse, the Cabana Room, and Paladino’s.

In August of 2011, bass player Tony Lepre left the band to focus on his solo projects. Without missing a beat, they contacted Darrin Kulkins, who played bass in a previous band with Chris Lepre, called Angered Sounds of Acceptance.  Darrin is not only a great bass player, but also a cool friend, and they are really glad to have him in the band.

I caught up with all the guys in Maleki Theory to find out more about their past, present, and future.

All Access Magazine-Metal Babe  (AAM) : I’m here with Chris Maleki, Chris Lepre, Darrin, and Jimmy from Maleki Theory. First of all, how would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Chris Maleki: Sort of metal…Melodic rock.

Jimmy: Rip snorting and ball busting…. Take a little Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Doors….Mix them all together, and you have Maleki Theory.

Chris Lepre: We also have some prog influences too. Some Tool, Pink Floyd, and Sabbath.

Chris Maleki: Basically every single band on the planet. (laughs)

Darrin: We just try to promote the words of peace, unity, and freedom.

AAM:  Who would you say are your biggest influences? You mentioned Tool..

Jimmy: Tool for sure. I’m a big Hendrix fan.

Chris Maleki: For me, it’s definitely Bon Scott. Since I was a kid.

Chris Lepre: The Who, The Stones, Hendrix.. That kinda stuff.

Darrin: All the standards, obviously Tool, but lately I find myself lately listening to a lot of Dave Grohl. He is still true to the music, and not a corporate machine.

AAM: Chris, (Lepre) Darrin actually replaced your brother Tony as the bass player. How did that come about?

Darrin: I was in front of the Home Depot…Looking for some work. (laughs)

AAM: Haha. Seriously.

Chris Lepre: Through Flashrock.

Darrin: The guys at Flashrock are all friends with them as well. Tony came up to me and asked me to play bass for Sloka. We did some time in that one. And then I played with him in Angered Sounds of Acceptance. After a little hiatus, they called me up and asked if I could come in and play bass with Maleki Theory. It’s been three to four months now.

AAM: Do you think your sound has changed at all with the new bass player?

Chris Maleki: Darrin brings a whole new dynamic to the band than what we had before. It’s changed in a big way. Tony was great, but Darrin does his own thing and it gives us a new sound. I’m really excited about the new line-up.

AAM: So you guys have one CD out now, right? ‘Maleki Theory’ –  self-titled.

Chris Maleki: Yes, you can get it on iTunes and Amazon, and you can listen to it on Reverbnation. That’s free.

AAM: Where are you in the recording process for your next CD? Do you have something else in the works?

Chris Maleki: We’re going to be recording some new stuff soon. But we want to have a lot more in our catalog before we jump into the studio. That way we’ll have a lot more options.

AAM: What are your goals for Maleki Theory? Where do you wanna go from here?

Chris Maleki: We just wanna keep doing what we’re doing. Play good music. Maybe get outta town. Get outta state. Play some festivals in Europe…We are working on getting management and an agent right now. We just wanna get our CD out there, and we have a few shows coming up in the future. What we’re doing now is building a following; basically getting people interested.

AAM:  And you are. You’re doing that right now!

Jimmy: People are getting excited about it and we love it.

AAM:  Is there anything I’ve missed or anything you would like to say to your fans?

Darrin: I’m sure this will be taken out of context, or the wrong way, as it normally is. But…I love you. I love you all. Buy me a drink. I might give you something. It’s not an STD. Either. (laughs)

Chris Maleki: We martyr ourselves for the music we play, and our experiences in life. Hopefully we can help you out. Listen to our music. Maybe we can help you get through stuff…. Good, bad, or anything.

AAM: And Jimmy, what do you have to say to your fans?

Jimmy: We are coming out with some new stuff. It’s bigger, faster, and harder. It’s gonna rock your world!

AAM: And Chris? (Lepre)

Chris Lepre: I just wanna say thank you to everyone who comes to the shows, and there’s gonna be a lot more.

AAM: Thank you guys for your time, and to everyone reading this. Maleki Theory’s CD is available on iTunes and Amazon, and you can check them out on Reverbnation….

Darrin: Hold on. I wanna throw something out there. If you come to a show, and you tell any of us that you read this interview, you will get a free Maleki Theory shirt.

AAM: Wow. That’s awesome. I totally support that. Anyone reading this, make sure to check out a show and get yourself a free shirt. For more information on Maleki Theory, please visit: